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excuse-my-sinning asked:



As much as I hate to choose between the two, I think I’ll go with Yu Yu Hakusho. While it isn’t as long as DBZ, it was more memorable within its pacing and overall storytelling. The fights weren’t entirely dependent on how big a fighter’s power level is. At least up until the fight with Toguro. In that respect, it makes the fights more engaging. Both shows have a deep place in my heart, so I enjoy one for reasons different from what I enjoy about the other XD

coffeefoe asked:

Choose from either God Hand, Yakuza, or Nier. You can only choose one game, the others will cease to have existed.

No God Hand means I won’t have to wait an eternity for Platinum Games to make a sequel. No Yakuza means no more salting over Japan keeping all the games to themselves. The clear winner between these has to be NieR just for those reasons.

Furthermore. Who would get rid of such a precious face? : D

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